Executive Pay: Should Regulation Play a Role?

Utility executives make good money.  But spread over countless kilowatthours of electricity, cubic feet of gas, gallons of water and minutes of telephone time, those dollars make little difference in our bills.  So in utility rate cases, we rarely address executive pay.
This is a mistake.  We should care about executive compensation—not about its size, but its shape.  "The pay of many C.E.O.s is tied to factors like short-term earnings, rather than longer-term metrics, which naturally fosters myopia." In the utility sector too, compensation design can affect executive decisions, in ways that undermine a commission's goals.


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Effective regulatory litigators ask “How can I help the agency make the best decision?” This article presents a set of principles that, if applied by practitioners and decision-makers, will help lawyers advocate effectively and help agencies advance their statutory missions. I have organized these principles according to the nine typical stages of litigation.

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Regulating Public Utility Performance

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Regulating Public Utility Performance:  The Law of Market Structure, Pricing and Jurisdiction

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Preside or Lead?
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While we will dearly miss you as NRRI's Executive Director—where you have been so invaluable—I am delighted that you will now be in the classroom enlightening and sparking the interest of the next generation.
— Paul J. Roberti, Commissioner, Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission