Each year I offer electricity law seminars on two subjects:  fundamentals and current topics.  The Fundamentals of Electricity Law curriculum has grown with the breadth of regulatory topics; the Current Topics in Electricity Law course is completely new each year to reflect the latest developments.  Topics that initially appeared as current topics later enter the Fundamentals course, as they become part of the legal and regulatory infrastructure.

The Fundamentals of Electricity Law seminar is presented in the fall (usually October) in the Washington, DC, metropolitan area and the Current Topics in Electricity Law seminar is presented in the spring.  Both seminars are also “taken on the road,” as state public service commissions, private companies, and other organizations contract with me to present the seminars at their locations.  Additionally, customized seminars are presented upon request.

Would you like to host a seminar at your place?  (It's easy; we'll guide you through the steps.)  Here is a list of topics from which your organization may choose:

List of Available Seminar Topics

To get started,  see the instructions under "How to Organize Your Seminar."

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How to Organize Your Seminar

A seminar shaped by the audience is always more successful than a “canned” event.  There are six steps we will follow to make your seminar a successful one—one whose topics, pace, and depth work for your group.


Hempling's Approach to a Successful Seminar

Successful seminars have three main ingredients: topics targeted to decisionmaking, give-and-take, and structure.

Topics targeted to decisionmaking:  Herbert Spencer wrote:  "The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action."  I have advised commissions internally in dozens of cases, on every phase of administrative decisionmaking, and practiced before them in many more. I have seen how education, or the lack of it, affects high-quality decisionmaking. This experience will help us select the range of seminar topics most likely to help your decisionmaking. . . .


Past Hempling Seminars: A History of the Electricity Industry Since 1998

For over a century, utility regulators have supported, and disciplined, the nation's electricity, gas, telecommunications, and water industries.  Regardless of the industry or era, all public utility regulation has these common elements:  its mission (to align private utility behavior with the public interest); its body of law (ranging from the state law on exclusive monopoly franchise to federal constitutional protection of shareholder investment); its reliance on multiple professions (law, economics, finance, accounting, management, and engineering); and its flexibility (accommodating multiple industry structures and a range of public purposes, from reliability to environmental accountability).

New political challenges are causing policymakers to stretch regulation's core principles and processes. . . .


Praise for PAST HEMPLING Seminars

See what past attendees have said about presentation quality, materials, topic relevance, and value to their careers.