Who Should Do What? How Order 1000's Regional Transmission Planning Can Support State Resource Planning

This paper provides recommendations for helping the bi-jurisdictional effort to succeed. 

Part I compares regional transmission plans to state power supply plans. By understanding their differences and interdependencies, decisionmakers can design ways for each to support the other.

Part II turns to the individual actors: states, regional transmission organizations, and state-regulated transmission owners. Emphasizing compatibility over conflict, it asks: What actions, by whom, can cause regional processes to accommodate states' needs?

Part III explains that Order 1000, by not defining "plan," leaves a gap between concepts and commitments. Without commitments by regulators and investors, cost-effective investments in transmission, generation and demand response and other resources will be wanting. Part III therefore asks: What are the possible legal paths from plans to commitments?

In addition to the PDF download, a recording of the presentation of this paper is available.