Praise for Past Hempling Seminars

Presentation Quality

"Thanks so much, Scott, for such excellent and personable instruction."

"Clarity of explanation was pitch-perfect."

"Great presentation. Care was taken that understanding was achieved, and if not, alternate explanations willingly offered."

"Your use of audience members' names and their affiliations was refreshing: At best, all I've experienced at CLEs before this was speakers who would refer to friends/acquaintances in the audience by their names so that the rest of the audience felt like outsiders."

"Great combination of topics, Q&A, and breaks. Don't change anything!"

"Your drawings, sketches, whatever, were most helpful to me—more so because you were able to explain each part of it as you put it together."

"It was nice to be at a seminar where the presenter wasn't reading off a PowerPoint presentation."

"I like Scott's style in stating clear definitions, avoiding acronyms, [and] avoiding or defining jargon."

"Your attention to detail and rigorous presentation requirements make for the most effective and well-done programs being presented at the numerous energy seminars." 

"Pace of oral presentation was excellent."

"Excellent idea to make the diagrams as you go—much more personal and demonstrates you know what you are talking about off the top of your head."

"Very experienced at commanding and keeping the audience's attention."

"Love teaching style and care to explain the most basic concepts—it really helps me get the big picture."

"I loved the enthusiasm and the humor.  Scott made a dry subject very interesting."

"The seminar was worth the price of admission for just the crystal-clear explanation of revenue requirements and rate calculations...."

"I was very impressed.  I wondered if listening to one person speak for 12 hours might grow boring or repetitive, but Mr. Hempling did an excellent job, and I found my attention very focused at all times."

Value to Career

"At my very first NARUC Conference as a 'rookie' commissioner, I knew that one of the best things that happened to me was meeting Scott Hempling and attending [his] seminar on the topic of 'public interest.'"

"You might be surprised at how many times the information and perspective I gained have been useful to me already. For example, I served as an expert witness in a regulatory proceeding last week and I was much more able to understand the regulatory context, legal standards and terms of art surrounding the case than I would have been otherwise."

"I thoroughly enjoyed the program. As a new commissioner, it was immensely helpful."

"For a lawyer very new to electricity law (less than one year), this was a great learning experience.  This was exactly the base I needed to continue forward with my practice.  Terms and concepts I have heard thrown around the office, I feel like I finally understand. I feel like I can see the forest through the trees."

"We need more of this type of discussion—cross section of company members lead by an expert in the field on new regulations."

"Invaluable knowledge and experience that I hope to take with me throughout my career."

"I am a newcomer to energy issues, but Hempling was very good at putting issues in easy-to-understand terms. Many seeds were planted which I will be able to draw on in future energy work."

"Allows for a practical application of this knowledge to my job when I get back home. Best value for the money I've ever received at an industry seminar."

"Very worthwhile for rookies, as well as seasoned employees."

"Great for attorneys! Just like law school!"

Class Participation

"Scott is an excellent teacher. I especially enjoyed the dialogue with the audience.... "

"I liked the 'bringing others up to speed' when discussions required it."

"I very much like meeting and speaking with other attorneys working in electricity law. This gives me a new and fresh perspective on my work."

"Great audience participation!"

"Perhaps most impressive was the caliber of the folks who attended and Mr. Hempling's expertise in drawing on their insights."

Course Materials

"The binder is a fantastic resource; clear, well organized, and well cited."

"Fantastic learning opportunity with an engaging seminar and rich take-home text." 

"Scott Hempling's outlines of the decisions and the questions he propounds are extremely valuable." 

"Good progression of topics."

"Appreciated the highlighting of key words."

"It is great to have the reference material with case citations."

"Great detail."

"Course outline was easy to use."

"Seminar materials are fantastic! Have used for reference previously over and over again (unusual for seminar materials!)."

Course Length

"Excellent seminar—so much in two days—could be a week long seminar (but who could stand it?)"

"Make it longer."

"I learned more from you in ½ day than I learned in NM (the conference) in a week."

"I only wish the course were a day longer so a little more detail could be covered."


"That was an exceptional seminar—thanks for bringing Hempling in for the day.  In reality, that was probably the best combination of content and teaching skills I have seen since I joined the corporate world." 

"Brilliant mix of depth, patience, and humor—thank you!" 

"Scott helps find the common ground in issues—the space where utilities and customers both win (which is the space regulators should seek)."

"Mr. Hempling is an outstanding teacher, and is especially impressive at handling an audience with mixed levels of expertise."

"We've heard a great many positive comments about your training session here..... 'Excellent,' 'outstanding,' 'we need to do more of this.'  etc., etc.  You were a big hit—topical, thorough, thought-provoking, able to go from elementary to advanced—it all worked."

"(1) Loved the notebook and the outline nature of the issues; (2) loved the relevance and timeliness of the key issues focused on; (3) very much appreciated the solutions approach (options and pros/cons of each) to the problems identified."

"This is the third 'Current Topics' course I have taken. I honestly can't think of any way to improve your seminar."

"This was one of the best seminars I have ever attended. Your knowledge and delivery were outstanding."

"I had a wonderful time and learned a great deal."

"People from my office come to this seminar every year and will continue to do so."

"It is excellent even for experienced people as a refresher as well as to fill in some knowledge gaps."

NRRI-Sponsored Hempling Seminars

"We received very positive feedback from all those who attended NRRI's seminar on electricity policy.. NRRI's willingness to bring the training to us saved the state ... thousands of dollars."  [Commission Staff Utilities Director]

"NRRI's three-day seminar on the fundamentals of electricity law, energy efficiency, renewable energy, and smart grid won rave reviews from those who attended.  The speakers were engaging and well-versed in the subject matter and encouraged stimulating discussion, all of which made for a most informative and educational event.  We plan to have another one in the near future."  [Commission Chair]

"One of our in-house counsels recently participated in your seminar for lawyers.  She raved about the program.  ... You certainly have a strong fan club at the Commission." [Commission Chair]

"Having been through a number of NRRI presentations, both in person and telephonically, I can say without fear of contradiction that your attention to detail and rigorous presentation requirements make for the most effective and well-done programs being presented at the numerous energy seminars."  [State Consumer Advocate]