Monthly Essays: Mergers and Regulated Utilities

Mergers and Regulated Utilities
Source of Merger Harm: Hierarchical Conflict | March 2021 Read more
Can Mergers Distort Competition? Anticompetitive Conduct and Unearned Advantage | October 2020 Read more
Merging parties divert franchise value from the customers who created it | September 2020 Read more
Suboptimal Couplings Cause Economic Waste | June 2020 Read more
Thirty Years of Electricity Mergers: Concentration and Complication No One Intended | May 2020 Read more
Missing from Utility Merger Markets: Competitive Discipline and Customer Benefits | April 2020 Read more
Diverse Strategies, Common Purpose: Selling Public Franchises for Private Gain | March 2020 Read more
Electric Utility Mergers: Industry Concentration and Corporate Complication | February 2020 Read more
Water Mergers: Are They Making Economic Sense? | June 2019 Read more
Inconsistent with the Public Interest: FERC’S Three Decades of Deference to Electricity Consolidation | December 2018 Read more
Merger Denied: Now What? | October 2016 Read more
Distributed Resources and Distribution Mergers: Are They on a Collision Course? | July 2014 Read more
"No Harm" vs. "Positive Benefits": The Wrong Conversation about Merger Standards | May 2014 Read more
Contests for Control: Who Should Make the Rules? | April 2014 Read more
Protecting Innovation during Consolidation: The Advantages of Alertness | February 2014 Read more
Two Trends in Tension: Does Consolidation Reduce Innovation? | January 2014 Read more
Merger Posture: Don't Defer, Lead | November 2013 Read more
The Dangers of Merger Deference II | October 2013 Read more
The Dangers of Merger Deference I | September 2013 Read more
Merger Proceedings II: Do Commissions Make Themselves Marginal? | August 2013 Read more
Merger Proceedings I: Do Commissions Make Themselves Marginal? | June 2013 Read more
Merger Strategy: Make Regulators Marginal | May 2013 Read more
"Darwin Economics": How Does It Affect Merger Decisions? | April 2013 Read more
Preparing for Mergers: A Commission’s Bottom Lines | March 2013 Read more
Utility Mergers: Who Has a Vision? | February 2013 Read more
Mergers: Are the Promoters Ahead of the Regulators? | March 2012 Read more