Commission Positioning: For Effective Regulation and Effective Regulators

The quality of commission decisions depends on such intangibles as (a) the clarity of a commission's mission and how deeply that mission permeates its staff and procedures, (b) the internal organization and culture, (c) how the commission communicates with external actors, and (d) whether and how it chooses to lead rather than react.

During my substantive relationships with commissions I am often asked to advise on these intangibles.  More formally, I have been retained to (a) help create a commission's annual "business plan," (b) prepare a written defense of a commission's purpose and effectiveness, for submission to the state budget office and legislative oversight committees; (c) design metrics for a commission's continuous internal self-evaluation.

While this written work has been necessarily confidential, many of the themes appear in my book of essays, Preside or Lead?  The Attributes and Actions of Effective Regulators.