Blog: Essay Responses

September 2012

My September essay (“Regulatory Capture"— Is It Real?) produced some fascinating responses, including one commission chair who wrote to me immediately, wanting to know how to contact the commission that wanted to be “on a path to self-improvement so rigorous, so disciplined, so transparent, so determined, and so optimistic....”  

July 2012

In response to my Monthly Essay in July 2012 , (“Federal–State Relations:  A Plea for Constitutional Literacy”), Bill Julian, Esq., states:

I would slightly amend the topic—'legal' literacy rather than 'constitutional' literacy—because the difficult problems are ultimately about how to read the law, including the statutes, not just the Constitution.  

April 2012

by Former State Commissioner

Nice essay. My biggest plea to my staff when I was a regulator was to at least “think about what issues this filing raises” and point them out to us. I told them I wasn’t as interested in the end result as I was in evidence that they had thought about the competing issues before drafting an entry approving (or disapproving) the application before them. 

March 2012

In response to my Monthly Essay in March 2012 , (“Mergers:  Are the Promoters Ahead of the Regulators?”), a colleague responded:

“I would go further myself.  I am willing to forego supposed benefits flowing from increased scale if it would mean smaller entities competing more vigorously (because there are more of them) in the economic or political marketplace.”

December 2011

My essay,  “Separating Policy Mandates from Cost Consequences:  Will the Public Lose Trust?” produced the following articulate response from a long-time telecomm attorney: