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April 2012
  1. Utility regulation's original purpose was to protect the consumer from abuse and inefficiency.  But consumers have tended to demand that regulation protect them from risk—including risks caused by their own behavior.  What can regulation do to correct this trend?
  2. The externalities of consumption and production are having global and possibly irreversible effects.  At the same time, the public is showing less willingness to accept limits on what it considers its freedoms to consume and produce.  What role can and should regulation play
April 2012

by Former State Commissioner

Nice essay. My biggest plea to my staff when I was a regulator was to at least “think about what issues this filing raises” and point them out to us. I told them I wasn’t as interested in the end result as I was in evidence that they had thought about the competing issues before drafting an entry approving (or disapproving) the application before them.